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Re: Noticing New Addictions

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      Everything I’ve read and heard is that if pain meds are only used to treat pain there is very little chance of addiction. The problem is when they are used beyond what is needed for pain. I’ve been on pain management for 5 years since my groin LND because of a myriad of physical problems I’ve had since then. I don’t drink except for a few times a year for special occasions but that’s mostly because there is something about the chemistry with alcohol and pain meds that affects how the brain processes the pain meds and heavy drinking while on pain meds can lead to addiction. This is a fast and dirty explanation from what I’ve learned. I’m stage III and am not treating cancer pain. There are people that can handle alcohol as well as pain med and I think it depends on the circumstance but when I was told I would probably always need pain management, I made the decision to limit alchohol to rare occasions. I suspect though if I had active cancer I might be adding to the special occasions when I allow myself to drink. Like, oh, this is a special suset I need to toast with a glass of wine, ha.

      For me it’s not so much of noticing new addictions as it is noticing big changes. Because of pain it hasn’t been possible for me to keep jogging and doing the types of activity that kept my weight down so I’ve gained a LOT of weight since my melanoma dx. I don’t think I eat more but I eat the same as when I burned a lot of calories jogging and swimming and I don’t do those activities any more.

      Take care and best of luck, Carver


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