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Re: Newly diagnosed Stage IV, just started Dacarbazine – Im …

    Jim in Denver

      Hi Simone,

      It is good to identify other options you may have before getting your scans so you have a roadmap, or at least potential options.  There are others of us who have been through a similar decisionprocess who may be able to offer some ideas.  In the last few months I have had to make decisions not unlike yours.  BRAF treatment is the subject of much interest in pharmaceutical oncology lately, as you know.  I tested negative for it, so it was not an option for me.  I became aware in my own reseach that GSK (Glaxo SmithKline) is developing a BRAF inhibitor, so Roche is not the only option in that area. Whether the GSK Inhibitor is undergoing a Trial in Oz and/or near you might be worth investigating – it looks like GSK2118436 is the particular drug.  It is undergoing a Phase I Study here in the States combined with their MEK Inhibitor – for more information, go to:

      I read one of the posters here recently soliciting feedback on whether to pursue a BRAF Inhibitor (she has the "e" type and is eligible for trials) or Ipimimulab.  The ideas was that the BRAF Inhibitor shows good short term results, but not necessarily long term.  You would have to do your own research on that point and make your own judgement.  Her thought was that Ipi migh provide better long term results, though not necessarily short term – again, do you own research. 

      However all that may be, you seem to want to figure out a Plan B and maybe Plan C.  I like that approach myself 🙂  It is hard to be rational when you are feeling alone and frightened.  I know how that feels, although I hardly ever allow myself to go there (a guy thing I suppose).  I just try to live each day as best I can and focus on the positive things in my life – of which there are many.  I used to be a more negative person before all this – I now feel differently about many things.  Then again I am entering geezer territory, so it may just be an addled brain…lol.

      For what is is worth, the only option I had locally was Abraxane vs Dacarbazine (a trial) or IL2.  I decided to go elsewhere to see if I had other options and ended up at MD Anderson Cancer Clinic in Houston, TX.  It is about a 2 hour flight for me, so it is not difficult travel.  Anyway, they have a study that combines Ipi with Temador (oral chemotherapy) in which I am enrolled and just started last week.  Anyway, I think Ipi is a good choice, and would put it on your list to consider.  There is too much hype around it right now, but it is promising and offers potentially good results.  IL2 would be one to put on your list as well, I would think.

      Anyway, best wishes to you from Colorado USA.

      Jim in Denver




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