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Re: New Board… The Magic is gone

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    Bonnie Lea

      one of the points I was trying to make, is to add  the people who cried for 'sanitization'  have not come back in droves! now that the board is the way they wanted complete with moderator? 

      Were they indeed what we suspected  "the disturbers from the deep?"  those that just stir up mud? or ones that keep on 'trying to beat that poor dead horse'  (what a dumb saying)  ones that insist on bringing up ancient history, getting everyone who is still here who would remember (or even care) all up in arms, and thus the wars begin?

      they never seem to sign their names just that magic  anonymous coverall.  be it  one two or three etc.  We def do not need to lose members over anything even this new pristine santized board.

      we can make it our own (the whole membership of MPIP) again….

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