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      I wish there were a magic bullet to make things OK but there isn't. But take heart…all is not lost. First make sure you have an oncologist who is well versed in treating melanoma. Second, if that is not the case, find one….there are lots depneding upon your location. Third, there are many trials that do offer real hope, You should get your oncologist to find one for you…IPI …is the current drug that has shown great promise. Fourth, reachout as you have done here to others and let hem help you and support you. If you don't ask they may not really know what to do or what you need. The journey will not be easy but there is HOPE and lots of it but you must be willing to learn as much as you can about melanoma and its various treatments so that you can participate with your doctors in making the decisions for you. Lastly, come here frequently even if it is to rant. We have walked in your shoes and there is lots of help, education, information and support here. Glad you found us so lean of us as you need to.

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