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Re: IL2 success stories?

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      Hi Kevin….

      Glad to hear your you are progressing on to IL-2.  It's a butt kicker, but if you are blessed for it to be your silver bullet, it a home run!  


      I had mets to both lungs, Stage 4 M1B, tolerated 57 bags in 2007-2008.  Glad to hear you checked out Jane's Operation Sun Shield site for info.  


      In truth, the first week was the easiest.  I was able to sip tea, or soda…..and an occasional bite or 2 of food.  The CLS, retention of extracellular fluid was very uncomfortable.  Ask, insist, for LASIX prior to D/C and a prescription to take at home.  Also, many develop hives by the end of the week, keep benadryl handy.  This can be a medical emergency.  The hives were generalized but most often they were facial involving my lips and tongue.    

      Itching and dry, peeling skin will be a problem…..this is generally viewed as a good reaction to IL-2.  The only thing that helped me was Burt's Bees Balm Cream.  BE VERY CAREFUL…in putting anything on your skin….do a TEST patch first to see if you can tolerate it.   


      I showered everyday….if I was alert enough…QUICK, tepid showers, no soap….you don't need to dry out your skin further!…..just use more deodorant….


      I also had my husband or dear friends with me around the clock.  I had times of alertness…..most of the time I didn't know what planet I was on…I was not able to read, watch TV, play games/cards….I was wasted week number 2 on.  


      Insomnia and hallucinations were also a problem.  BUT I knew i was going to hallucinate and was NOT afraid…I was able to rationalize what was happening.  Having a companion is helpful.  


      If I can be of any assistance, please contact me.  757.482.7798…I am home today.


      Best to you….Time to slay dragons!  Keep focused running your race….eyes on the finish line….Running this race to WIN~!  ANd congrats on your wedding!  


      Debbie Stage 4 NED

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