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      I hope you check in at least to read the responses to this post. It's your choice to abandon this board, but I just wanted to tell you that you should reconsider. I didn't find this board until a year after my diagnosis, and how I wish I had found it sooner! Like you, I knew nothing about melanoma, and put all my trust in the doctors. Now, from all that I have learned from the wonderful people on this board, I know that some poor decisions were made after my diagnosis, but at the time, I didn't know any better. This board opened up a world of clinical trials, treatment options that are not available where I live, and phenomenal advice, sharing and support. I have made cyber friends all over the world, some of whom I have met and continue to correspond with. I know you're overwhelmed, but this board is probably the BEST resource you will ever find. By the way, my initial prognosis was 3 mos-3 yrs. I'm still here 5 years later, and nowhere near the end. To see me, I look like the picture of health. And I credit this board for that.



      Stage IV

      FYI, here are some explanations of some of the acronyms you'll come across. Learn them, as they will become part of your daily vocabulary. Google each one to find out more information. Any other acronyms that you don't understand, just ask.

      NED – No Evidence of Disease

      WLE – Wide local excision

      SNB – Sentinal node biopsy

      LND – Lymph node Dissection

      ILP – Isolated Limb Perfusion

      ILI – Isolated Limb Infusion

      WBR – Whole Brain Radiation

      SRS – Stereotactic Radiation Surgery (3 types, Gamma knife, Cyberknife, Novalis)

      Some of the more common treatments you'll read about:

      INF – Interferon (an immunotherapy)

      TMZ – Temodar, aka Temodol, aka Temozolomide (chemo in pill form, crosses the blood brain barrier)

      DTIC – dacarbazine (chemo)

      IPI – ipilimumab (immunotherapy)

      GM-CSF – Granulocyte Macrophage Colony Stimulating Factor (aka Leukine)

      IL-2 – Interleukine 2

      B-RAF, MEK, C-KIT, N-RAS, etc – These are all gene mutations found in a patient's DNA, identified from a genetic profiling.



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