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    dian in spokane

      I have had a chronic cough since 2004 when I completed interferon (did you do interferon?) I've had lesions and/ or 'nodules' show up on my x rays, PET scans, CT scans etc. I've even had radiologists tell me I had a likely progression of my melanoma based on scans. If I happen to have some scan done after a bad cold, things look worse..but then the net time things will have improved.

      Bronchoscopies have consistanly shown no sign of melanoma.

      Other things that might be the culprit. COPD (do you have a history of bouts of bronchitis? are you a smoker? or do you have a history of smoking? ashtma?) There are pulmonary function tests that can help determine if COPD is likely

      MAC ..which is Mycobacterium Avium Complex. It's a bacteria. If you google it, it will show a lot of hits for HIV, since it does sometimes attack HIV patients, but you can find other info on it by googling Lady Windermere's syndrome.. It's not uncommon in women over 50. MAC must be confirmed via pathology so it would take  a biopsy of some kind, but it is treatable.

      I agree with the previous poster that a pulmonary specialist might be in order. While cancer is unlikely (due to the fact that these 'lesions' have not gotte worse) an oncologist might ot be the best person to deal with it. If it's not improving, then the pulmonary guys should get a whack at you!

      good luck!


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