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Re: Advice needed treatment options stage 4

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    liz in Aust

      Originally I had just had a baby and a  c section so every niggle I felt i just put it down to having a baby. My baby was 8 weeks old and I was in seveve pain with stomach cramps and the doc thought it was just a complcation from my C section and scheduled me for a quick surgery to fix a blood clot or so they thought. 7 hours of surgery later they removed 3 tennis ball sized tumors and parts of my small and large intestine….waking up from such a big surgery was a bit of a shock!! The tumors were in the mesentery of the bowel so thats the structure around the outside of the bowel. the cancer was not in the inside the bowel, they able to remove it all with clear margins.

      Recently I had been feeling a bit off in that I had dirrihorre 4 times a day which for me missing a few sections of bowel was not abnormal however it seemed to be everyday for quite a few weeks. I would also eat then feel sudden cramping and a have to go to the toilet, after which I would feel immediately better. I was also getting random stabbing ado pain which would last a few moments. One night I had eaten dinner and afterwards felt sick and bloated and very uncomfortable was due for a regular CT the following month, and because my doc just gives me the referral and I make the appointment when I'm due to see her, my husband rang the next day and we brought the CT forward. I thought I was just being my usual hypochondriac self coming up to my 6 month scan however I came back positive with 2 new tumors one behind my stomach and one in the bowel, with a whole heap of smaller nodes involved as well.  It had been 5 months since my last clear scan.

      Thanks for your thoughts I hope your husband is doing well


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